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Click the link below to join our news feed. This list will keep you aware of new training videos and provide information about ways that institutions are utilizing the SobekCM software. In addition, it will occasionally provide technical briefs on a new portion of the software. This is a great way to keep up with changes on the software and to get trained on new sections that are added or upgraded.

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List Name Date Sent Subject Line
General 12/24/2016 11:54:46 AM SobekCM Version 4.10.1 Released
General 12/19/2016 6:54:21 AM SobekCM Code Camp 2017 ( April 24-26, 2017 )
General 7/28/2016 8:35:10 AM SobekCM Version 4.10 Released
General 2/19/2016 1:59:12 PM SobekCM Code Camp Florida 2016 : March 31st and April 1st
General 10/4/2015 8:12:03 PM SobekCM Version 4.9.0 Announcement
General 9/18/2015 1:43:39 PM SobekCM Code Camp 2015 : October 5th and 6th in Miami
General 5/28/2015 8:27:49 PM SobekCM Demo : Submitting a book through the online interface
General 5/19/2015 8:30:01 PM SobekCM Web Skins : Managing the look and feel of your site
General 5/6/2015 9:45:33 PM Collection Child Informational Pages in SobekCM
General 4/28/2015 8:17:54 AM Add New Collection Wizard Training Video (and Welcome)